“Up to 80% soccer is played with your head!”

“Therefore it is time, to take care of the player´s heads!”

“Exactly this is, where the experts of our Mental-Train-Academy support players, parents and coaches in personal meetings!”


For Mental Performers

“Your head is always present!” Mentality becomes more and more a big issue in modern soccer. The positive message is: The mental or inner game can be learned! Players do not lose their skills under pressure. What they loose is their confidence to use their skills in the real situation of a competition with no chance of repetition, but clear consequences. Mental training enables the players to believe in their skills even under highest pressure.

As educated sport-psychologists, as sport-scientists and certified mental coaches Andre Kasiske and Frank Simon accompany the personal development of young soccer talents and coaches.


Leitung Andre Kasiske

Provide basic methods and techniques of mental training in soccer.

Improve communicational skills in soccer.

Personal goal-setting and strategies to reach goals. 

Remain focused under pressure, regulate emotions and reach the optimum activation level.

Develop personalities.

Personal meetings

1 personal meeting of 60 minutes. Fee: € 79,–

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Coaching – Christof Saigal

As NLP-Coach, certified A-License coach of the German Coaches Academy Life & Mental Coach and as systemic coach I support the personality formation of parents and players with valuable and benevolentcoaching. Since 2018 I support the coaches of the 1. Jugend-Fussball-Schule Koeln with individual and regular coaching.

Professional , sound and sustainable coaching with a mindful and appreciative coach.

Methodical knowledge, authenticity, composure.

Impovement of wellbeing, recovery of life balance in the family, in school, in sport and with relation to health.

Support, orientation and accompanation on each individual personal path.

Personal meetings

1 personal meeting of 60 minutes, Fee: € 79,–

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