Athletic- & Fitness-Academy

The base of every technical skill and every tactical action are athletic and fitness. In addition to a regular soccer-training our Athletic- and Fitness-Academy improves soccer-specific pace, that includes dynamic, power and speed.

  • Athletic- & fitness-training with fun in small groups.
  • Qualified, age-appropriate training of speed, coordination and flexibility.
  • Courses with one weekly session of 60 minutes each.
  • Courses start with the beginning of every month with 4 weeks duration. Renewals are possible at the end of every month.No cancellation needed.


Leitung Alexander Kuhnert ("Heldenmacher")
Head Coach Alexander Kuhnert ("Heldenmacher")

Monday 5.15 to 6.16pm, Age U9 to U15

Fee: € 59,-- per month

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